Jantek Industries spent their last 25 years relying on word of mouth and a highway sign to trickle in customers. We helped them increase revenue by 38% in one year by legitimizing their online presence. Jantek is a legacy replacement windows manufacturer in southern NJ. When we crossed paths, we had one major uphill battle: Even if someone wanted to “shop local” and heard of Jantek’s reputation as a premium product, it’s far less risky to buy from a much larger company like Andersen, Pella, or Home Depot.
• Brand strategy
• Positioning
• Web design
• Content strategy
• UX design
• Increased revenue by 38%
• Exponentially increased website retention
• Earned first page Google ranking
​​​​​​​• Refined the focus on target customer
• Doubled 5 star Google & Facebook reviews
Project Timeline: Phase 1
What our strategy work revealed
After going through our Blueprint strategy process, we had three main takeaways to prioritize in our work.
Harmful User Experience
Not only was it difficult to find information on their website, which was buried in downloadable PDF’s, but the PDF’s were more of a manufacturer’s guide speaking industry-lingo that was gibberish to a typical home owner. The format of the website raised concerns of Jantek's Legitimacy.

Advocates needed to be showcased
For a company that never posted any content of their own, they had very strong Google and Facebook reviews, and more reviews than any competitor in the state.
Even with this being the case, their website did not rank on the first page of Google when searching for replacement windows in the area.

Double down on differentiators
Jantek is the only replacement window company in America that designs, manufactures, and installs their own windows, all with their own employees. This is their primary differentiator, and we needed to build their story around this point.
Project Timeline: Phase 2
Our first priority was to design a website that felt easy to navigate with minimal resistance to a page visitor. High quality web copy, photography and information came next. We simplified the user journey by pointing visitors to three primary navigating options. 
The learning center was built to house their blog & video content that would help educate their customer base on general window knowledge as well as their own line of windows. Building a page for the story of Jantek humanized the company and its involvement in southern New Jersey communities.
Product Page
No other page on the website matters as much as the product page. We made a carousel of high quality product images, a demonstration video and descriptive copy for their product line, “The American Classic” window. 
Technical product specifications are important to some, so we organized those in accordion drop down menus to keep the web page clean. Then, we accompanied the documentation with demonstration videos of each technical feature.

Accordion drop down menu to navigate through technical product information

Project Timeline: Phase 3
Finding The Right Customer
Jantek wanted to create a new productized service, and asked us to bring it to market. This service was to turn screen porches and backyard patios into a functional four season living space enclosed with Jantek’s windows.
There are a plethora of retirement communities filling up with retirees from New England moving down to NJ to be closer to families. These communities all have “copy-paste” housing lacking individuality. Enclosing their back patios with floor to ceiling glass adds luxury and curbside appeal, and elevates the home owner’s status.
How we developed the media
The first piece of media that we created was the Brand Story video. This captured the essence of the offering; how Jantek worked, what it was like to work with them, and the process of getting an enclosed sunroom. 
Next, we created a testimonial video. This testimonial video would be used to speak to a specific customer archetype via targeted facebook ads within specific developments - Inviting them to a landing page that would provide them additional information and encourage a phone conversation with Jantek.

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