Hi, I'm Chris Giuseppini 

I run Sondor Media as a fluid agency. At the core, there’s only myself - and I bring in a wide variety of experts to become a chameleon to suit the needs of my clients. Since 2010, I’ve been a YouTuber and Filmmaker. Storytelling is at my core and wether it was a video for the web, or a narrative film entered in film festivals, I found a variety of ways to express my creativity.

Prior to starting Sondor Media I worked on Hollywood movie sets in the lighting department, and as a cinematographer for designer fashion brands, indie pop artists and documentary projects.

Outside of work, I view myself as a minimalist. Caring more for the luxuries of travel and freedom over material things. I’ve taken two cross-country road trips since the pandemic, each one to target different parks and regions. Even though my travels had me sleeping in a hammock near grizzly bears, in a camper van, or strip mall parking lots in my car - I always find my way back home to New Jersey.

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Why Sondor Media?

Our name Sondor Media comes from the root word, "sonder," which means: The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. 

When we work with you, we treat your customer base like the intelligent individuals that they are rather than data points and demographics. We believe that "Look at how great we are" marketing is a shortcoming that most companies fall to out of desperation to close a sale. 

Instead, we believe in finding a community with a problem, figuring out how to position your brand within that community, and engage with that community to build loyalty as a member - not a savior. We do not believe in convincing anyone in our marketing. We believe in attracting. This methodology is the backbone behind our most successful initiatives.

There's a chasm between creating awareness in your brand and building trust that earns the sale. Our impact comes from closing this gap. We're the third party our clients bring in to hone their expertise into succinct points that builds relationships at scale with their highest valued prospects. ​​​​​​​
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