Hi, I'm Chris Giuseppini 

I run Sondor Media. At the core, there’s only me! 

When you hire us, you aren't hiring an agency or a freelancer. I bring on an exclusive group of exceptionally talented individuals who are at the forefront of their domains. This results in us being able to maximize your budget's outcome and bring together innovators to work in harmony, making high-quality expertise accessible in a way that wouldn't be possible under one roof.

Prior to starting Sondor Media, I was vaulted into commercial directing at 19 years old where I directed my first 30-second TV spot that premiered on the largest video billboard in Times Square. I directed commercial video work for Manfrotto, Sony, Dior and other notable brands in technology and designer fashion. 

While working on commercial productions, I realized the limited impact I had on business outcomes. Witnessing how businesses underutilized video's potential, I was inspired to make a difference. This drove me to combine compelling storytelling with measurable business impact, which allowed me to start Sondor Media and leave the "commercial" world for good.

Why Sondor Media?

Our name Sondor Media comes from the root word, "sonder," which means: The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. 

When we work with you, we treat your customer base like the intelligent individuals that they are, rather than data points and demographics. We believe that "Look at how great we are" marketing is a shortcoming that most companies fall to out of desperation in closing a sale. 

Instead, we believe in finding a community with a problem, figuring out how to position your brand within that community, and engage with that community to build loyalty as a member - not a savior. The work we do for you will not be to convince the buyer. We believe in attracting. This methodology is the backbone behind our most successful initiatives.

There's a chasm between creating awareness in your brand and building trust that earns the sale. Our impact comes from closing this gap. We're the third party our clients bring in to hone their expertise into succinct points that builds relationships at scale with their highest valued prospects. Because of this, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical code possible.​​​​​​​
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