We turn your researchers into buyers.

We help brands build authority by capitalizing on their most powerful marketing asset: Their expertise. And we do this, with strategic use of video content.

If you're reading this, then you are likely already convinced that sharing your expertise in the form of video content should be a core focus of your business development. You've either already started, or plan to - but are in need of guidance to ensure one result: To make the best use of a visitor's attention, and ensure that they interpret your brand the way you intended. 
Let our clients explain how we do this. 

Gavin Adin, founder of GA Training and world champion powerlifter

Itzy Holczler, Founder of Purple Exhibits

Rebesana, video business card

Video Business Card - $6,000 fee

A 2-3 minute video that graduates researchers of your brand into informed evaluators ready to buy. No one can be expected to buy without understanding what they are buying - and that usually takes a great deal of time. This video condenses that path to purchase by clearing up any friction that a prospect may have when considering you. They need to know what you do and how they can leverage your expertise to aid in solving their problems.

Social Media Videos - $6-12k/month

Your content is an extension of how you communicate awareness & deep understanding of the realities your prospects are facing. We build a content strategy that reflects your expertise while demonstrating empathy for their situations. Often times, your content is the first & only impression your prospects have of your brand. How do you want it to represent you?
Customized Strategy Work - $10,000 fee

A content strategy only works when you capture interest of uneducated visitors and have them follow a predictable pattern. The goal is to have them gain familiarity as they go deeper down the path to purchase. We help you think through and implement the delicate process of building trust and positioning yourself as the expert in the eyes of buyers. We have a proprietary process that takes an intense 45 days to execute.
1:1 Consultation - $500 fee

A one time consultation to do a deep dive into your specific situation without having to invest in a longer built out plan. This is for people who would like to work with us, but want tactical & actionable advice out of a 1 hour time slot, before or instead of investing into a larger collaboration. 
Partial Clients List
$20 Dollar Chef
Asian Media Rights
Brownstone Pancake Factory
Clear Water Distilling
Corcoran Group
Faze Clan
GA Training
Howler Head Bourbon
Jantek Windows
Jelly Cat
Johnny Drinks
KM Dance Collective
Matt Granger Photography
Metro Exhibits
Miss Fame Beauty
Montclair State University
Purple Exhibits
Reset Locations
SLK Entertainment
Woozik Speakers
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